Industria Nocturne

Monday, January 21, 2008


There are many prominent businesses throughout the Saxon Empire, taking the form of corporations. In the UDRM, most old world corporations have been turned into state-owned and run monopolies; however the degree of autonomy businesses have actually varies from state to state
In the Heavenly Kingdom there are state-run monopolies, but the government does not typically prohibit legitimate guilds and companies from forming.

The Saxon Empire

The Royal Trans-Saxonia Corporation
This company is the major freight carrier within the domestic territories of the Saxon-Empire. It does have many local competitors, which mainly deliver overland and sea. The Trans-Saxonia company however specializes in bulk air freight, and controls the country's largest fleet of cargo airships.
The Saxon government utilizes the Trans-Saxonia Corporation for conducting official business. The head of the corporation is Dame Alexandra von Vonderburg.

The United Democratic Republics of Milensk (UDRM)

Stukanoff Arms Manufacturing
Stukanoff Arms produces the majority of all UDRM personal weapons. The Stukanoff ZZ-22 single-shot rifle is the standard armament for all Republic troops, and has proliferated all over the world. Stukanoff weapons are by no means fancy or high-tech, but they are sturdy and reliable. It is said the only way to break a Stukanoff weapon is to kill the wielder.

The Heavenly Kingdom

The Imperial Doctor's Guild
The Imperial Doctor's Guild is responsible for nearly all the major medical breakthroughs of the modern era. Guild Doctors specialize in refining the natural herbs native to the Heavenly Kingdom and other lands, often working in concert with foreign experts. Only citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom may join the guild, so many doctors have renounced their home countries in order to gain membership in this illustrious order.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


We are using all the errata from the WOTC site.
Obviously, ignore anything dealing with specific equipment.

Saga Errata

Also, the House Rules have been updated

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Logs and Characters

Here are the logs from our games

Industria Nocturne
Game 2
Game 3
Game 3.5
Game 4

Featured Characters
Demetrius Savage, Saxon Nobleman
William Valeth, Maldovian Sorceror
John Smith, Saxon Bodyguard
Madame Jeanne De Lyon, Priestess of Man
Kelly Shea Doherty, Saxon Mechanic

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Von Unterschrek's Guide to Witchcraft

The supernatural practitioner is a very peculiar creature. He is a man, but clearly, not a man. Commonly known as witches and warlocks, the International College of Scientists has declared the supernatural practitioner as a species separate from human man, a homo turbulus, or disorderly human, if you will.

Some would question this decision. These 'witches' are humans too! They feel pain like us, feel joy like us, die like us. Scientifically speaking, these are all true.

The main difference between homo sapien and homo turbulus is that the turbulus species possesses a strong genetic affinity for the manipulation of electromagnetic fields. They have an enlarged portions of their nervous systems that is believed to aid in their manipulation of what people believe is 'magic'. They pass this trait on reliably to their children- the children of two turbulus will also be a turbulus, and there is a high chance that a the child of a tubulus and a sapien will also display this trait. Men without this particular organ are incapable of manipulating the electromagnetic forces that surround 'magic' and thus my fine colleagues have determined that indeed, these two creatures are not the same. Indeed, there is no historical record of men 'becoming' witches with enough study. I have heard pundits cite the school of Scholomance as an example of such, but a careful review of the records shows that recruiters were always careful to select children that had already shown an aptitude for 'magicks'.

But you might say; electromagnetism? Cannot witches cast spells that alter the mind, conjure demons, and create fire, acid and water? In my research, I have found this undoubtedly true, and can posit no great explanation. However, there is a strong correlation- witches and warlocks emit strong electromagnetic fields that only increase in strength when they use their 'abilities'.
If you have a friend who is a witch, try this one day. Take a common, every day magnet, as see if it sticks to them! Witches attract magnets much like iron. Why they do not exhibit magnetic tendencies themselves, such as attracting ferrous iron, is unknown.

But beware, you may not get away with this activity for long. Studies show, that witches cannot abide strong magnets of any sort. Electricity and electromagnetic fields yes, but a magnet, like a lodestone? No. Such materials have formed the basis for anti-magic charms over the centuries. Contact with small magnets causes slight discomfort, reportedly to be much like the sensation one feels subjected to high water or air pressure.
It has been rumored that exposure to extremely strong magnets, such as neodymium or powerful electromagnets, can cause crippling pain. Such reports are undergoing serious review by the Ethics Board of the College now.
Witches and warlocks do exhibit -some- properties of magnets, such as emitting a mostly negative or positive charge. Generally, males exhibit a positive charge, and females the negative. However, exceptions are not rare.
Known since the old times, magnets, such as the lodestone, can be used to ward and protect against the effects of witchcraft. Magnetized, ferrous metals are effective at piercing their defenses. Some groups have proposed creating bullets for such purposes, however such weapons are expensive and inaccurate, as metal such as iron is poor for producing ammunition in large quantities. A rod capped with neodymium magnets, or perhaps connected to an electromagnet, is currently in favor with grassroots law enforcement organizations across the world.

What does this decision mean? It means that the Scientific College formally acknowledges the existance of 'witchcraft' and magic, as such pertains to the homo turbulus. Vampires, Demons, and Werewolves are still a subject of ongoing debate, and a matter of my own personal research.

This does not mean, however, that the laws and protections of men no longer apply to homo turbulus. Men, as it is in the philosophical sense, are men. The witch is a woman. The warlock is a man. No persecution, no fear, and no hatred ought to befall on them, other than the criminal who abuses his power. For centuries these people have been our neighbors, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, friends and family. Let the government who dares to oppress them be called into question, and regarded with scrutiny throughout the anals of history.

But let the men and women who have abused their power up until now beware. We know you exist, and your misdeeds shall not go unpunished.

-Dr. Otto Von Unterschrek. PhD, MD, JD

Witches/Warlocks are human force sensitive
Magnetized or magnetic weaponry is Anathema to witches/warlocks.
Magnets, such as neodymium, or lodestones, are anathema material to witches.

Specific Equipment:
Inversion Grenades: Stun witches, moving them -1 along the condition track if exceeding fortitude defense. Additionally, they are treated as if they were made of metal, and are pulled toward the center of the blast

Magno-Field Generators: Witches count as metallic objects, and are pulled by the generator. Any witch within the generator's field of effect is attacked at (1d20+5 vs Fort) for 2d6 damage per round, and -1 on the condition track if it succeeds.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

True Lycanthrope Prestige Class

Minimum Heroic Level: 7th
Race: Lycanthrope
Darkside Score: 1
Trained Skills: Endurance

Base Attack Bonus: Full
Force Points: 6+1/2 character level
At each level, a True Lycanthrope gains 1d12 hitpoints+ Con modifier

Defense Bonus: You gain +2 to reflex, and +4 to Fortitude Defense

Bonus Feat: A True Lycanthrope gains Extra Second Wind as a bonus feat.

Totem Beast: When taking this class, choose an animal to be your defined Totem Beast. This can be a wolf, tiger, bear, etc. When raging, your hybrid takes on the visual traits of this animal.

Talents:A True Lycanthrope gains a talent every odd level. He must select from the Lycanthropy Talent Tree, the Regeneration Talent Tree, the Survivor Talent Tree(Scout), or the Brawler Talent Tree(Soldier)

Damage Reduction: A Lycanthrope gains +1/- DR every other level. This stacks with other sources, such as from the Elite Soldier class.

Lycanthropy Talent Tree
Animal Shape: You can take on the animal form of your totem beast. This gives you a +10 to Deception checks when someone tries to spot your disguise.

Animal Shape II: You can assume the Large hybrid form of your animal. This grants you +1 square reach and a +2 bonus to Strength in addition to any other benefits.
Prerequisite: Animal Shape I, Regeneration I

Regeneration Talent Tree
Regeneration I: You can use your Endurance skill to perform First Aid, Treat Disease, Poison, and Radiation and perform Surgery on yourself at no penalty, and with no equipment. This take 1 full round, and requires no recovery time. There are no penalties for failure.
You can use this ability to reattach severed limbs, but not regrow them.

Regeneration II: You receive 2x the number of hitpoints from Treat Injury checks. You can benefit from First Aid and Surgery multiple times per day, at a cost of 1 Force Point each.
Prerequisite: Regeneration I

Regeneration III: If you die, you may attempt to Revivify yourself once, using Regeneration I. If you fail, you are permanently dead.
You cannot recover from conditions such as being beheaded.
Special: If you spend a Destiny point, you automatically succeed.
Prerequisite: Regeneration II

True Vampire Prestige Class

Minimum Heroic Level: 7th
Race: Vampire
Darkside Score: 1

Base Attack Bonus: Half
Force Points: 6+1/2 character level
At each level, a True Vampire gains 1d12 hitpoints+ Con modifier

Defense Bonus: You gain +2 to reflex, Fortitude, and Will Defense

Colors of the Night: True Vampires gain Darkvision. They ignore all concealment, including total concealment from darkness. True Vampires can perceive colors in the darkness.
Normal: Creatures with Darkvision cannot perceive color while in darkness.

Talents:A True Vampire gains a talent every level. He must select from the Nosferatu Talent Tree, or the Influence Talent Tree(Noble)

Nosferatu Talent Tree
Create Ghoul: You gain a minion called a ghoul. Ghouls are fanatic but intelligent followers, and obey any and all commands unquestionably and to the best of their ability.
You must have killed this minion through the Corrupt Transfer Prestige Class. Convert any heroic levels this minion has into nonheroic levels. Ghouls may never have heroic levels. You can only create ghouls from human characters up to three quarters of your level, rounded down.
Refer to the Crimelord prestige class for details.

Spawn Vampire: Any ghouls you create can become Vampires. Vampire Spawn can never have heroic levels. Vampire Spawn do not lose their first level feat, and return to human form once you have been slain. Vampire Spawn are under your direct control.
Prerequisite: Create Ghoul

Undead Regeneration: After one or more rounds of being unconscious, you can activate a Second Wind as a swift action or use the recover action. You gain one additional use of Second Wind.
Prerequisite: Heroic Level 10th

Withstand Sunlight: You are not instantly destroyed by sunlight, but are at a permanent -1 on the condition track when exposed to it indoors or during daylight hours outside. Shading has no effect.
If reduced to -5 or more on the condition track while in the sunlight, you are destroyed.
Prerequisite: Unholy

Unholy: You gain a +5 bonus to defense against Anathema wards.

Shapeshifter(Hound):You can turn into an unholy canine beast. As a swift action, you can turn into a four legged, Medium sized canine. Your speed increases by 1 square, and you gain a Bite Attack which deals 2d6+str damage. You gain a +2 to melee attacks, and gain the Trip Feat.
Prerequisite:One other Nosferatu Talent

Shapeshifter(Bat):You can turn into a Tiny bat as a swift action. You have a -8 to Strength to a minimum of 2, and gain a fly speed of 6 squares.
Prerequisite:One other Nosferatu Talent

Shapeshifter(Mist):You can turn into a sickly green mist as a full round action. In mist form you are immune to physical attacks(but not energy or magical) and can pass through tight openings. You cannot perform any other actions than movement. You only have a fly speed of 1 square.
Prerequisite: Unholy,Shapeshifter(Bat) or (Wolf), Heroic level 10.

Friday, December 14, 2007

House Rules/Clarifications

There are some issues regarding setting conversion, especially when looking at lightsabers and Jedi (Mages). If the below rulings coincide with existing rules, it is a clarification, if not, it is a houserule.

Sorcerors and Magic (The Force)
Weapon of Choice: You cannot choose unarmed strike, improvised weapons or an improvised weapon, as your weapon of choice.

Block, Deflect: You can only use Block and Deflect with your weapon of choice. You cannot deflect grenades or artillery weapons. Shotguns, Archimedes Flechette, and other 'spread fire' weapons still do half-damage if deflected.

Move Object: You cannot ready an action to 'deflect' or 'catch' ranged weapons (Including grenades, cannonballs and thrown weapons) with Move Object. You cannot light wicks with Move Object. You cannot effectively wield weapons or shields with Move Object.

Force Grip: The range on Force Grip is 6 squares only.
A character that has been Force Gripped can only take standard actions.
(The 'line of sight' component was made to accommodate vid-screens in Star Wars, since there aren't any in Industria Nocturne, the range is a flat 6 squares. Apply this ruling to any similar cases.)
(Normally, Force Gripped characters can only take swift actions)

All organizational prerequisites for Force-based talents, prestige classes and feats are dropped. Darksiders may freely take the Jedi Knight and Jedi Master class.

Taser Weapons: Taser weapons that explode deal one less die of damage.